General Information and Contact

What is our aim?

The laboratory of Applied Geology and Hydrogeology (Terra)  covers the research and educational needs concerning the analysis of the geological processes aiming at 1. the rational management and protection of natural resources and the environment, 2. the anthropogenic interference in the natural environment and 3. the optimal way of monitoring the environmental degradation.

Specifically, we focus on the study of:

• Environmental terrestrial and marine geology

• Development of geological models and algorithms (applicable in Geosciences)

• Integrated water balance studies and identification of water resources

• Geo-environmental characterization of contaminated soils and groundwater

• Characterization of soils using bio-geophysical methods

• Hydrogeological and geotechnical drilling studies

• Geological and technicogeological characterization of the subsurface

Contact Terra Lab

For more information please contact :
1. Dr. Kokinou Eleni
Tel: +30 28210 23072

2. Dr. Soupios Pantelis
Tel: +30 28210 23037